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Eating Right With Hampton Coffee Is Delicious!

Eating Right With Hampton Coffee Is Delicious!

Posted on January 07, 2015 to News

Did you know that Hampton Coffee Company can be a part of your New Year's Resolution to eat better for 2015? We have a whole variety of delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, afternoon break, and beverage choices that will compliment your healthy diet.

Breakfast choices include egg whites, fat-free and low-fat freshly-baked muffins, Irish Oatmeal, and yogurt parfaits. For lunch, there are always low-fat and healthy hot soups on as well as turkey and grilled vegetable sandwiches. Afternoon pick-me-ups on the "OK List" include almond biscotti (just one!) and our homemade Raspberry Oat Bar. Order your Latte with one of our Sugar-Free syrups and Skim Milk, and you've got a delicious only 100 calorie warm drink for a cold winter afternoon!  Plus, our Green Smoothie is the perfect healthy and delicious meal replacement.

Please ask any of our café staff for further delicious and nutritious suggestions to match your diet.  We also have Gluten Free options!

original artwork for Hampton Coffee by Southampton Barista and local high schooler Alex Ambrose -thanks!


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