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It’s Pumpkin Pickin’ Time @ Hampton Coffee Company

It’s Pumpkin Pickin’ Time @ Hampton Coffee Company

Posted on September 17, 2012 to News

Fall Flavors are back in season now through Thanksgiving at Hampton Coffee Company!  Our espresso bars & cafés are featuring delicious Autumn Favorites that perfectly complement this time of the year.  Enjoy our Pumpkin Latte, a tasty treat made with Pumpkin Pie syrup, our signature hand-roasted espresso, and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon or special Autumn Sprinkles.  Or, for something a little sweeter, try the Pumpkin White Mocha, a delicious Pumpkin Latte combined with sweet and creamy White Chocolate Sauce and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon or special Sprinkles.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, Hampton Coffee Company is once again featuring its warm-from-the-oven Pumpkin Muffins, hot local Apple Cider from The Milk Pail with a real cinnamon stick, and our hand-roasted Pumpkin Pie Coffee either brewed by the cup at the cafés or as beans to bring home.  Enjoy free samples of the Pumpkin Pie Coffee every weekday from opening until lunchtime.

And for those chilly Autumn Days, nothing warms one up better than a bowl of hot, homemade soup.  Hampton Coffee Company offers at least three heart-warming selections each day from before lunchtime until closing.  Many selections are low-fat and/or vegetarian.


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