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Ekobrew Reusable “K-Cup” Coffee Filter

Ekobrew Reusable “K-Cup” Coffee Filter



The Ekobrew is a reusable "K-Cup" coffee filter for your Keurig one-cup coffee brewer. It’s the same size as a pre-packaged "K-Cup" and fits directly into your Keurig coffee machine without having to remove the filter holder. The Ekobrew refills easily, uses a built-in metal mesh filter, and has a sealing lid to help prevent overflow during brewing. It gives you very similar extraction characteristics of a typical manufacturer-packaged "K-Cup". It’s an easy alternative to a pre-packaged "K-Cup" and allows you to use our hand-roasted coffee for an overall better cup of coffee. Plus, by using this reusable filter, you're saving the environment from hundreds of discarded "K-Cups" and their packaging every year, all while saving money on those expensive "K-Cups".

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