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Our Coffee

The quality of the green coffee bean is a critical ingredient to the taste of the final product.  Coffee is a product of how it is grown.  Soil conditions, elevation, and climate determine the coffee beans’ final flavor.

At Hampton Coffee Company, we begin with 100% top-grade Arabica Beans from the finest small plantations around the world, some even bought directly from the farmers themselves!  These are the most flavorful coffees because they are grown at a higher altitude where crops grow smaller and more slowly, giving the coffee a more concentrated flavor and aroma.

A Hamptons classic since 1994. Super-premium estate-grown specialty coffees roasted daily by hand in small batches.

Small-batch, Artisanal Roasting

Our Roastmaster roasts our fine coffee by hand in small batches so that each coffee varietal can be individually treated to raise its own unique flavor characteristics.  Our coffee is roasted a bit darker than most coffees here on the East Coast, but not too dark, so that the full flavor potential is realized and that bitter taste is avoided.

A Word About Our Coffee's Freshness

Since we are a local operation and roast coffee daily to meet our stores’ requirements and the needs of our wholesale partners that proudly serve our coffee, we do not need to use vacuum-packed bags employed by others with less frequent roasting schedules.  Nor do we warehouse our coffee.

It is always delivered fresh from the roaster to our customers.  That is why we recommend that you purchase your coffee weekly and grind it yourself just before brewing.  And to preserve freshness, store your coffee in a small airtight container.  We do not recommend refrigerating or freezing your coffee.

You are invited to visit our Roastery and Coffee Experience Store, located in Southampton, to watch our Roastmaster roast while you enjoy our fine coffee and espresso.  Then bring home your favorite blend or varietal to enjoy with some of our freshly-baked savories!  Our talented team is available to answer any coffee questions you might have.

Quality Hampton Coffee Company green coffee beans A wide variety of small-batch artisan roasted coffees sourced from small farms through Direct Trade Our Roastmaster is a member of the prestigious Roasters Guild