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Introducing Cereza Coffee From Colombia

Introducing Cereza Coffee From Colombia

Posted on August 03, 2018 to News, Photos

We are proud to announce our newest Direct Trade partner, Cereza Coffee, from Colombia’s Eje Cafetero.  Founded in 2015 by New Yorker Joseph Wein, Cereza coffee helps connect small farmers with third wave coffee roasters like Hampton Coffee Company.

At Hampton Coffee, the East End’s largest independent roaster, quality is a founding principle.  By bringing on another Direct Trade partner, we are able to provide our guests another top-of-the-line coffee selection.  “Our goal at Hampton Coffee has always been to provide our guests with the highest quality offerings.” says company co-owner Jason Belkin.  “Anytime we, as the coffee roaster, can deal directly with the coffee farmer, we are given an opportunity to carefully choose which green beans to buy, roast and serve to our guests.”.

Cereza Coffee, which recently expanded to support small farmers in Honduras as well, strives to minimize the number of times coffee is bought and sold before it’s roasted, brewed and enjoyed.  This enables these small farmers to make a higher profit and roasters like us to have more control over our coffee selections while also directly helping small farms reach a more sustainable future.  “It’s always an exciting time for us when we bring on new partners like Cereza Coffee,” says company Roastmaster Oscar Amada.  “We’re really proud to be offering more Direct Trade coffee purchased from small farms then ever before.”.

Hampton Coffee fans can enjoy Cereza Direct Trade Colombian Supremo coffee, which offers balanced richness that leads to nutty undertones with a slightly winey finish, in addition to a variety of Signature Blends that feature this brand new Direct Trade offering.  All are available to purchase at


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