Go Green with Hampton Coffee Company

Go Green with Hampton Coffee Company

Posted on April 28, 2021 to News

Whether it’s Earth Month or any month, our team here at Hampton Coffee Company is always on a mission to care for the Earth every day of the year. We're doing our part to be green while trying to inspire those in our communities to do the same.


While straws are quite popular at every coffee shop, especially in the summer when iced drinks are frequently ordered, we use straw-less lids for all our iced drinks.  For guests who can’t do without a straw, we offer paper straws which are naturally marine biodegradable, or you can purchase your own reusable straw for just $1 when you buy a drink!


We are also reducing our waste with our reusable Canvas Tote.  Not only are these totes incredibly fashionable and trendy with a one-of-a-kind exclusive design, but they’re environmentally responsible, too.  Reduce the use of plastic bags and look stylish while doing it!


Other ways that we're working to reduce their environmental footprint in the community include our use of low-flush water-saving toilets, Energy Star equipment, super energy-efficient LED light bulbs company-wide, and solar panels on the roof of our Water Mill Café.  In addition, our Java Jackets are printed with vegetable-based inks and our fryer oil is repurposed into Biodiesel Fuel!


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