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The Happy Wrap is here!

The Happy Wrap is here!

Posted on September 17, 2019 to News, Photos

When our guests started asking for a vegan hot food option to join our menu of vegan offerings, we went to work to find something that would not only be 100% vegan, but also be a delicious new hot food item in its own right.  The result is our new exclusive Happy Wrap which is now being offered permanently in all of our local cafés.

The new Happy Wrap is made with melted Field Roast-brand Chao vegan cheese, baby spinach, fresh avocado, and a seasoned wild rice and bean salad -all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla and grilled-to-order.

This new wrap joins our line-up of vegan options which includes dairy-free milk choices like oat and almond milks, vegan Fresh Fruit Smoothies, vegan salad options, and locally-made Copia Granola Bars.  A vegan cookie will be added to the menu next!


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