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Our Sumatran Direct Trade Farmer Visits

Our Sumatran Direct Trade Farmer Visits

Posted on February 27, 2014 to News, Photos

Hampton Coffee Company was honored to have our Sumatran Direct Trade farmer Ric Hariyanto visit us recently.  Ric traveled about 32 hours and flew more than 11,000 miles to arrive in The Hamptons from Indonesia to be able to spend a few days with us and meet our customers, wholesale partners, and staff members.

We are proud to purchase our Sumatra coffee beans through Direct Trade from Ric's company, Sriwijaya Coffee.  The company was created a few years ago by Ric's coffee farming family to organize all the farmers in his village to sell their green coffee beans themselves through Direct Trade to coffee roasting companies in the United States instead of to international conglomerates for cut-rate prices which they had been doing for decades.  Because of Ric's co-op, Hampton Coffee Company is able to buy the coffee beans directly from their village instead of through brokers and middlemen.  The result is that the small local farmers get much more for their crops and the money stays in the community to improve their lives.  Being a positive part of our local communities is one of the cornerstones of our company.  We made the decision a few years ago when Ric contacted us, that although his Sumatra beans would cost us significantly more than the standard Sumatra that we (and everyone else) had been using, it was the right thing for our company to do, to support the Sriwijaya co-op of local farmers.

Ric made a presentation at our Southampton Coffee Experience Store for our coffee customers and staff members one of the nights he was with us.  He explained why the Sumatra from his village that he sends us to roast at Hampton Coffee is so special and about the coffee growing process from harvesting the coffee cherries, to getting it to America, and finally to our Coffee Roastery.  We feature his coffee as a Single Origin Sumatra and also use it ias a key component in many of our signature blends like our Hampton Classic Blend.  For the occasion we roasted a bag of Ric's prized Sriwijaya Sumatra Dolok Sanggul which comes from a very small area of his village's farms.  This Sumatra is so good that it was graded a 95 out of 100 -nearly perfect coffee.  It was an amazing experience for our customers and our staff to be drinking this coffee with the actual farmer who grew it!

Another night Ric and Roastmaster Dwight visited the Hampton Coffee Corner Café at Stony Brook University for a special presentation in front of the espresso bar at the West Side Dining Hall where he gave a talk to students and faculty.  He was treated like a visiting dignitary by the West Side Dining staff who made him a four course meal and held a "Sumatra Night" in his honor.  Chef Andrew prepared Sumatra Crusted Beef Brisket, Grilled Steak with Sumatra Mole Sauce, and Sumatra Coffee Gelato for everyone who ate in the food hall that night.  Of course, all the recipes utilized Ric's special Sumatra coffee beans!  Needless-to-say, everything was incredibly delicious and the entrees were a big hit that night with the students.  Thanks so much to Chef Andrew and Chef John and everyone at SBU's food service company for making Ric's visit to the university so memorable for him!

What's next for Hampton Coffee and Sriwijaya?  Ric had a great time staying over with Roastmaster Dwight's family and we were invited to come to visit Ric in his home next year.  Coffee Experience Manager Rich is already packing his bags and we plan to send a small Hampton Coffee delegation over to take a look at our Sumatra coffee first-hand and take part in the harvesting of our coffee.  We are also working with Ric to contribute to a project in his village that will benefit the community and that we can participate in when we are there in person.

If you missed Ric's presentation, you can download the slideshow here: presentation

We have a short video of the event at our Southampton Experience Store coming soon.  Check back on this page for a link to the video.


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