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We’ve Made The Switch To Paper Straws

We’ve Made The Switch To Paper Straws

Posted on January 22, 2019 to News, Photos

We have eliminated plastic drinking straws from all of our cafés in an effort to reduce the amount of unrecyclable plastic straws sent to landfills and ending up in sensitive marine environments.  Our family-owned espresso bars and cafés will instead be offering, and by request only, marine-biodegradable paper straws to our guests.  This move is expected to eliminate the use of nearly 200,000 plastic straws every year.

“We are always listening to what our guests are feeling and causes that they are involved in,” said Hampton Coffee Company co-owner Jason Belkin.  “Being based in an oceanside community, plastic straw pollution in the marine environment has become a chief concern to many, including our staff.  We were lucky to find Meghan Molloy, a local who started a paper straw company called The Paper Straw Girl, and she helped us find a quality paper straw that would hold up in a to go cup of our famous Iced Coffee but still be environmentally-friendly.”

Our guests can now feel comfortable choosing straws for their handcrafted iced coffee beverages, knowing that not only are the straws marine bio-degradable, but that their purchases supported a local coffee company and Molloy’s new business, The Paper Straw Girl.

Since our establishment on the East End more than 24 years ago, we have always been in the forefront of helping to keep our local communities green.  All of our cafés are Green Cafés with single stream recycling and LED lighting and offer a variety of reusable cups and tumblers with discounts for bringing them back.  Our flagship location in Water Mill features solar panels and oil recycling into biofuel and our Southampton coffee roastery ships mail orders Carbon Neutral with UPS, prints its java jackets on compostable paperboard using vegetable inks, and produces Single Cups in bio-degradable packaging.


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