Lights…Camera…Say CHEDDAR!

Lights…Camera…Say CHEDDAR!

Posted on June 07, 2017 to News, Photos, Videos

It was an exciting start to summer for Hampton Coffee Company when we were invited to be part of a special Hamptons broadcast of the Cheddar Post-Cable Network show, live from The Palm in East Hampton. Cheddar and is a popular businenss and technology network, broadcast online and through streaming services like AppleTV and Roku to tens of thousands of saavy viewers throughout the world from their headquarters at the New York Stock Exchange in New York City.

Our own Edy Collins was a special guest, talking to Cheddar Anchor Kristen Scholer about Hampton Coffee's commitment to the community, our summer plans, how we've grown and suceeded over the years, and what's next for us -namely franchising! Of course Edy brought the Cheddar Crew some of our popular Rwanda AA Cold Brew.

She also spoke about the many Direct Trade relationships that Hampton Coffee Company has around the world with green coffee growers that grow our coffee beans. One example is Ric from Sumatra who visited us two years ago and is responsible for organizing his village into its own co-op to sell us their coffee directly. This month's Roaster's Choice is one of his village's most prized offerings, a rare triple-picked dry-hulled variety.

It was an awesome experience being on Cheddar TV for Edy and Hampton Coffee Company, they're such a great group of people. And how did our growing local company come to the attention of this business news network? It turns our one of their city staffers is a huge HCC fan!

Watch the whole show by clicking here.

(We expect to be franchising this summer -stay tuned!)


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