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Local Mom’s Treats Join Our Local Lineup

Local Mom’s Treats Join Our Local Lineup

Posted on May 06, 2017 to News, Photos

Supporting local businesses has always been a big part of our business philosophy.  You will find great products from super-local small businesses like Simply Made mugs and Copia Bars on our shelves.  We’ve added a delicious afternoon dessert selection made with more TLC then one could possibly imagine!  You can now find locally-baked and handmade “Zuzi’z Zookiez Linzer Tartz” at all four of our family-owned espresso bars and cafés.

What gives these special cookies so much of that magical ingredient?  These deliciously delicate linzer tart cookies are the creation of a local mom from Westhampton Beach named Zuzana, who’s always had a sweet tooth and a love for baking.  Zuzi’z Zookiez began as a home-based business but has since moved into the Stony Brook University Business Incubator in Calverton as these delicious treats have gradually gained more and more fans.

It’s in one of the Incubator’s kitchen areas that Zuzana zests lemons by hand, cracks eggs one-by-one separating the yolks from the whites, and mixes the rest of the linzer tart ingredients -appropriately calling the bright batter “Yellow Heaven”.  Once the batter is rolled-out, Zuzana cuts it by hand and bakes each batch to perfection.  The tarts get their raspberry filling spread-on by hand, and then they’re sandwiched together and individually dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

And how did Zuzana come up with her business name?  She explains that Zuzi’z Zookiez comes from a play on the “z” in her name where typically you would find an "s".  Her Linzer Tartz pair perfectly with your favorite coffee or espresso beverage from Hampton Coffee Company and will available all month long!


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