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Keepin’ It Green

Hampton Coffee Company is doing our part to keep our world -and our local communities- green.

We're doing our part every day to make our planet greener!

Here are just some of the ways Hampton Coffee Company is helping to take care of our environment: 

  • Our paper straws are green -literally!  They are naturally marine biodegradable.
  • Mail orders ship UPS Carbon Neutral which means these coffee deliveries don't add any extra CO² to harm the environment.
  • Our Single Cups are biodegradable.
  • We have solar panels on the roof of our Water Mill café -come inside to see a real-time demonstration of it producing electricity!
  • We use super-energy efficient LED light bulbs company-wide and low-flush water-saving toilets.
  • We use Energy Star-rated equipment.
  • We recycle cardboard and use recycled paper towels and toilet paper.
  • Our used fryer oil is repurposed into Biodiesel Fuel.
  • Our Java Jackets are eco-friendly! Printed with vegetable-based inks, they're 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.
We use paper straws that are eco-friendly and marine biodegradable! Our Java Jackets are 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. Look for the solar panels on the roof of our Water Mill café!