Coffee Roastery

749 County Road 39A
(behind the Coffee Experience Store)

PHONE: (631) 726-2633, ext #2
FAX: (631) 353-3088

Established 1994/2013

Our Company Coffee Roastery is located right in Southampton, behind our Coffee Experience Store, and was opened in 2013.  Before the move into our brand new roastery, we were roasting since 1994 at our Water Mill espresso bar & cafè.  All our coffee is still small-batch hand-roasted and purchased from small farms, many through Direct Trade.  In fact, some of our farmers visit us during the year, so stay in touch with us on Social Media so we can let you know when you can come by the Roastery to meet them and sample their latest crop of coffee that we've roasted.

Tours of our Roastery are available from the Coffee Experience Store staff during regular hours when possible, or call our Roastery and set-up a more formal tour for a group at a set time.  We are proud to be Long Island's largest independent roaster-retailer and one of the first micro-roasteries on the East Coast.  Although we have grown, we still remain committed to our local communities and to our cafè customers and wholesale partners.


9am – 4pm (Monday-Friday)

Summer Season
9am – 4pm (Monday-Friday)
9am – 2pm (Saturday)

We're open every day except Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Labor Day. We close early on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.