Our Story

Our local family-owned company had its start at our Water Mill location more than twenty-seven years ago when we opened for business in a 1940s-era service station. 

Today, we are Long Island’s largest independent coffee roaster & retailer consisting of a small chain of community-centered cafés on the East End of Long Island, our Southampton Coffee Roastery, a mail order website, and a custom-built Mobile Espresso Unit – a Mercedes van with our entire espresso bar inside of it!

What it means to #drinklikealocal ®

Our local family-owned and community-focused company still adheres to our founding principles of:

-small-batch hand-roasted craft coffee
-fresh homemade food (we bake inside every café!)
-authentic Italian-style espresso beverages prepared by real Baristas
-treating all of our customers like VIPs
-treating our staff like family

Our Coffee

The quality of the green coffee bean is a critical component to the taste of the final product.

At Hampton Coffee Company, we begin with 100% Arabica Beans from the finest small plantations around the world, much of it bought Direct Trade from the farmers themselves! These are the most flavorful coffees because they are grown at higher altitudes where crops grow smaller and slower, giving the coffee more concentrated flavor and aroma.

Our Roastmaster carefully roasts our coffee by hand in small batches so that each coffee's unique flavor characteristics can be enjoyed. Our coffee is roasted a bit darker than most coffees here on the East Coast, but not too dark, so that the full flavor potential is realized and that bitter taste is avoided.

Our Mission

Hampton Coffee Company is dedicated to making sure you have the best possible experience with our brand, whether you visit one of our cafés, our Mobile Unit, our wholesale partners, order through our website, or purchase our coffee on the supermarket shelf.

We take pride in the quality and consistency of our top-notch coffee and homemade food, and our fast, friendly, and personalized service.

We strongly believe that one of the most important parts of being a successful business in the community is becoming a part of it. Hampton Coffee Company is proud to support more than 100 local charities, schools, and organizations each and every year. We participate in events that are important to our staff and our customers.