Local Artist Exhibits "Children Of The World" At Hampton Coffee in Water Mill

Hampton Coffee co-owner Jason Belkin (L) with local artist and longtime customer Oscar Molina (R).


While Oscar Molina has become a celebrated East End artist in recent years, we've known Oscar for more than 25 years as one of our longtime customers!  We're so proud that his artwork is receiving so much positive exposure, especially since it tells the story of immigration, something that is very important to our company.  We've always believed in The American Dream for everyone and Oscar's story is an inspiration for all.

You can view his "Children Of The World" cement sculptures at Hampton Coffee Company in Water Mill.  There is a full installation on both the front lawn and behind the building in our garden patio area.  Each "head" is looking at something particular which gives the viewer some creativity of their own, to figure out what it is.

Dan's Papers recently did a great article on Oscar's story, we invite you to give it a read:


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